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"WHERE ITs" Beaded Chain ...always know "where" your scissors are!

27" Necklace Chains in 10 Color Choices

Currently available in: Black, White, Bronze, Silver, Pink, Purple, Gold, Blue, Red or Green

  • Perfect for keeping your smaller 2"-3" Scissors handy!

  • Shown with Kelmscott Designs Storklettes (not included) which be found on the scissors page!

  • Match the colors to your scissors or mix-it-up with a contrasting color!

  • Brought to you by Silent Stitches...just for fun!

...just $1.50 each!

**Special: $1.00 each when purchased with Little Gems or Storklettes Scissors**

"WHERE ITs" Ribbons" ...always know "where" your scissors are!

30" Ribbon necklace with adjustable length chain closure. In your choice of  8 colors:

Green, Red, Black, Brown, Blue,Pink, White & Purple

...just 95 cents each!

Pair these with our Sterling charm holders!

Scissors Tips/Points Protectors

  • Prevent damage to the tips of your scissors blades at all times!

  • Good tip :-)  Also great to use when wearing scissors as a pendant.

  • Size: Regular (Will fit most embroidery scissors.)

  • Color: Black

  ~ 35 cents each~

$3.95/package of 12

Vintage Textile Soak

"Gives antique linens a second life! Removes yellowing and/or brown spots on quilts, quilt tops, christening gowns, wedding dresses and antique linens."

  • 2 oz. "Try Me" Sample Size

  • Presented in a red ribbon tied cloth bag as shown!

  • "Gives antique linens as second life!

  • Use 1 TBSP to 1 Gallon Water.

$2.75 each

The Naked Bee (R) products are available at Silent Stitches!


We spent months sampling products to find *the* perfect lotion for you!

Here are a just a few of the reasons why The Naked Bee Products (R) are the products we use at Silent Stitches:

*Made in the USA, high quality, organic, essential oils, cruelty-free, NO questionable ingredients, NO parabens, non-greasy...need we say more?

The perfect lotion for Stitchers!



Coconut & Honey

Lavender &

Beeswax Absolute


Citron & Honey

The Naked Bee ~Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion

Your choice of: Unscented, Coconut & Honey, Lavender & Beeswax Absolute or Citron & Honey

Large 2.25 oz tube ~ $4.95 each

"Try it!"    Hand & Body Lotion  .34 oz. packet

Handy to keep in your purchase or stitcher's bag! They make great gifts too.

Tuck one in a card & send it to a friend...just because you thought of them today!

Choices currently available: Orange Blossom Honey or Coconut & Honey

.50 cents each packet

The Naked Bee (R) Hand Sanitizer

Orange Blossom Honey Scent

We especially like this light, clean scent.

Kills 99.9 % of Germs! All natural ingredients!

2 oz. purse size bottle: $4.95 each

 EMERY BOARDS / Fingernail Files

 Size: 7" x 3/4"

Your choice ...or let us select one for you!

  • Quilt

  • Rainbow Patchwork

  • Floral

  • Sage Blocks

  • The design is on the front side, the back side is white.

  • Includes a vinyl slip-case...handy to keep in your purse!

$1.95 each


Highlighter Tape

Simplify your life with this wonderful invention!

If you spend more time frogging than stitching... you'll be glad you discovered "Highlighter Tape". Now you can highlight the row you are currently stitching and follow the chart easier without constantly stopping to focus on the chart.

You will find so many more uses for this tape! Label your scissors at your next stitcher's group. Highlight recipes while you are baking! Use as a bookmark!

Mark hems, quilting projects, address books...we could go on and on!

Removable & reusable! One dispenser is all you will probably ever need!

1/2" wide x 720" Huge economy size for the same price as regular!



  • Unhemmed

  • One size fits most.

  • Left/Right interchangeable

  • Light Cotton jersey fabric

  • Conservation use

  • Use when polishing for hand protection & no fingerprints.

  • ...very "handy" many uses!

(Sold out)  

Special Needle Threader ~ Thimble Shape!

  • Antiqued, Copper-tone metal "thimble shaped" needle threader

  • Embossed floral design

  • Black plastic back plate reduces eye-strain

  • Overall measurements: 1 1/2" h x 5/8" w

  • handy to keep in your sewing basket

  • Comes to you packaged on a bubble card

  • A perfect "....just because I thought of you today!" gift!

$3.50 each

A Matching Pencil Sharpener is available too!

Needles and Sewing Notions ~Vinyl Window Decal

  • Decal will not have the black background as shown, just the white sewing notions design.

  • Proclaim your love of sewing & crafting!

  • Decal Size: 6" wide x 3.75" high

  • Will adhere to any non-porous surface.

$8.95 each


Designs by Margaret Lee

(Click on the photo to enlarge.)

Don't you just love handy gadgets? You will wonder how you stitched without this one! Park your threaded needles on the card and have them ready for the next floss color change! Powerful earth magnets hold the card on your linen work area while holding your needles at the same time.

Using a fine point permanent marker you can write color numbers and/or symbols on the "white board". When your project is finished, just wipe clean with a vinyl eraser or alcohol, and it's ready to use again.

Instructions included.

$8.95 each


Mini Craft Organizer

  • Dimensions: Closed 5 "x 6.4" x2.6"

  • 6 Zippered Compartments with see-through panels

  • Quilted Tapestry Print Fabric

  • Many uses! Great Organizer for crafts, jewelry,cosmetics & more!

$19.95 each

Large Quilt Design Tote Bag

2012 Country Bumpkin

  • Eco-friendly! Made from recycled water bottles!

  • Attractive Quilt Design pattern on both sides. (Click on the photo for a close-up view.)

  • Morning Glory Quilt, Designed by Michele Hill. Featured in her book: "More William Morris Appliqu"

  • Handy to take along to the beach, gym, class, or stitching seminar!

  • Idea: Use as a gift bag! Less expensive than the paper type found in the card stores.

  • Large size! Plenty of room inside. Measurements: 14.5" High, 15" Across, 8" Wide Sides

  • Shoulder length Black Nylon Handles

  • Full Zippered Top for security

  • Reinforced with removable bottom platform panel insert. This one stands upright nicely.

  • Sturdy reinforced construction & it's water resistant too!

Sold out. We will not be re-ordering, but can obtain these for you. Other designs too! Please inquire.

VINE & Squares Eco Quilt Designs Totes ~ Set of 2 

You'll  get both sizes!

Vine Pouch: 9"x7"

Squares Pouch: 8.5" x 4.25"

Zippered Top Closure

Crinkle Plastic Texture! Strong enough for quilting supplies, cosmetics etc.

Made from recycled water bottles! Recycling has never been this much fun!

$8.95 /Set  *Out of Stock/On Order*


Daisy & Village Eco Quilt Designs Totes ~ Set of 2 

You'll  get both sizes!

Daisy Pouch:  9.5"x7"

Village Pouch: 8.5" x 5"

Zippered Top Closure

Crinkle Plastic Texture! Strong enough for quilting supplies, cosmetics etc.

Made from recycled water bottles! Recycling has never been this much fun!

$8.95 /Set   *In stock*

Clear Zippered Storage Bag

6" x 8"

Heavy Duty Duck Cloth with thick crystal clear vinyl viewing window!

Color currently available: BLACK


SS Victorian Stitcher's Plastic Bags

Handy bags for gifts or storage!  Each bag measures: 12" x 7" x 22"


SS Stitcher's Dozen  13 bags for $2.95

SS Stitcher's Stash 100 bags for $22.95


How cute is this USB Thumb Drive !??

What's a "Thumb Drive"?   If you answered, "A Toyota" better keep reading below!

A USB Thumb Drive, aka External Drive or Flash Drive, is a small device that plugs into the USB slot on your laptop or computer. It provides you with a means to store just about anything that's in your computer files. It allows you to keep a portable copy of files.

Scissors Shaped USB Thumb Drive 4GB 

  • 3" x 2" wide

Currently available in your choice of the following colors:







$19.95 each

Sewing Machine Shaped USB Thumb Drives


2" Tall x 2.5" Wide


Color Choices Currently available: Black or Aqua

$19.95 each

***Also Available*****

(Not shown) Lilac Sewing Machine Thumb Drive/ 4GB


Quilter's Computer MOUSE PAD

  • Large! 9.5" x 8"

  • 1/8" thick foam cushion

  • Rounded Corners

  • Jazz up your desk!

  • Great gift idea for the crafter who has everything!

  • Colorful! Quilt, spools & pin cushion designs.

$8.95 each


Quilt Design Micro fiber Cleaning Cloths

  • You will receive all of the above packaged together as shown in the right photo!

  • 1 Large CLOTH: Size: 6.75" x 5.75"

  • 1 Medium *Static-Cling Cleaner  Size: 2 5/8" x2 5/8" Square

  • 2 Small *Static-Cling Cleaners   Size:1"  Squares.

  • The Static-Cling repositionable rubber backing allows the squares to adhere to digital devices, cell phone etc.& keeps them handy for use.

  • Clean computer screens, cell phones, cameras, eyeglasses, etc.!

  • Washable. Reusable. Antimicrobial. Lint-free

  • Civil War era quilt designs

$9.95/Package of 4


Quilt Design ~ Deck of Playing Cards

How fun! Great gift for a quilter!

  • Americana Quilt Designs by Monique Dillard on the cards

  • Cards measure: 2.25" x 3.5"

  • Monique's picture is on the Joker Card!

  • Boxed set of cards.. ready for gift giving or playing!

  • We'll bet you love these as much as we do!



Tomato Pin Cushion with Emery

A Classic!

Truth or Tale? During the Victorian Era, it was traditional to place a tomato on the mantel to keep evil spirits at bay.

This would make a nice token "house-warming" gift in keeping with that tradition and to wish the new homeowners well.

Of course, it's also great as a pin cushion! :-)

$1.95 each



Kitten Pin Cushion

  • Heavy Brass  with Red Velvet Pin Cushion

  • 2.5" High x 3" Wide to the tip of the tail!

  • Weight: 5 ounces. This would be Purrrfect to use as a paper weight too!

  • Great gift for a seamstress or feline lover!

(Not available at this time. Please email your interest.)


  • Swing handle thimble design

  • Cushion filled with emery powder for cleaning your pins & needles

  • Blue Satin

  • A sweet "just because" token gift!

  • 1.75" to the top of the handle. 1" wide.


Walnut Crystals

  • Instantly age paper & fabric!

  • Used by all of the primitive designers!

  • Simply dissolve crystals in water to use.

  • Instructions included!

Your choice...a little or a lot!

~1 oz. Bag of Walnut Crystals  $3.95

~2 oz. Bag of Walnut Crystals $7.50

~2 oz. of Walnut Crystals in a Container $7.95

Also available:

Primitive Antiquing Boxed Kit

Includes: Spray Bottle, Plastic Gloves, Measuring Spoon & Walnut Crystals

(*The kit makes a nice gift for a primitives/antiques lover!)

Kit $10.95


Emery Powder

  • Use to make your own emeries!

  • Information Sheet included.

  • Shipping within the U.S.A. only.

  • Better than the yucky gray powder! :-)

  • Non-toxic

  • 99% Pure Aluminum Oxide

4 oz. Bag/$1.95

8oz. Bag/$2.95


Primitive Pincushion Fills

English Walnut - Prim Pincushion Fill

  • 100% Natural ground nutshell product

  • Will give your finished pin cushions just the right feel & weight.

  • May be used to re-fill/restore antique pin cushions or use to fill your own new creations!

6 oz. bag= about 1 cup ~~ $1.95

12 oz. bag= about 2 cups ~~ $2.95


French Lavender Buds

We've selected the finest lavender buds we could find, for you! Imported directly from France.

Fill your home with the wonderful uplifting fresh scent of Lavender!

Use in pin cushions, pillows, potpourri bowls, sachets for your linen closet, vacuum cleaner or car etc.!

1 Full Cup = 1 oz.


Need more? Buy as much as you need! ....just $3.95 per oz.

Best Quality & Lowest Price Anywhere!


 Allspice Berries Prim-Fill    $2.95 per Cup

Delicious allspice scent! Crush some of the berries for even more!


 Buckwheat Hulls Prim-Fill     $1.00 per Cup

Lighter weight. Blends well with other fills.


Organic Soft Wood Shavings

From the Silent Stitches Sawmill!

$3.00 /Bag  ...that's a --HUGE!-- bag of shavings!



100% Organic

Made especially for Silent Stitches!

Don't you just love the fresh, clean scent of honey? This LARGE  1 oz. bar, will last a loooong time!



Silent Stitches Exclusive! Beeswax Gift Bar

*Make it extra Special*  Order the "Beeswax Gift Bar"

We'll take the beeswax bar shown above & wrap it in pretty paper and tie on a Bee accent charm!


"Beeswax Bounty" Thread Waxer

100% organic beeswax~ *Spice dusted or Undusted*

Use as a Threadwaxer or for display.

~Presented in a cello gift bag tied with raffia, perfect for gift giving! ~

Seasonal Item/Available September-November


For display or jewelry making!

Size: 25mm x 20mm wide

$9.95 each


100% Cotton Velvet Fabric

  • Color: Dark Navy Blue

  • Size: 12" x 12" Square

  • Perfect for crafts

  • Ideal for accurate pincushion restoration


Collectible Tins

Button Design Tins

~~Assorted Designs~~

  • Back Row: White Background Buttons, Antique Quilt Buttons, Black Background Buttons

  • Middle Row: Pink Buttons (2 left), Yellow Flower Button

  • Front Row: Brown Buttons

Button Designs on the front, Solid color back, Tin interior.

  • Tuck a little present or candy inside & give as a gift.

  • Handy to keep in your purse.

  • Measurements: 3.75"L x 2.25"W x 3/4"H



Exquisite Marbled Glass Head Pins

Each package contains a total of 20 Beautiful Pins (5 each:  Blue, Yellow, Green & Red)

Wouldn't this make a thoughtful gift to tuck into a card?!

$5.95 per package



  • 3.25" x 2" Tin with "Pins Design" sliding lid

  • Clear viewing window on the back side

  • Contains: 100 Steel  1 5/8" Glass Head Pins/Assorted Solid Colors


Mag-it-light Wand

What do you get when you cross a magnetic magic wand with a handy gadget & then add a light? A Mag-it-lite!

Ok, we're not not sure what the official name of this wonderful tool is, but that's our name for it and we're sticking to it! ;-)

  • SS Handy gadget of the year award! You'll wonder how you lived without it!

  • Closed measurement is about 8" Telescopes to 30" so you can reach anywhere!

  • Keep it in your tool box, sewing basket, purse or pocket!

  • Powerful magnet!

  • Bright Light! (Replaceable Battery)

  • Comfort grip, available in assorted colors. Please let us select one for you. Blue, Orange, Lime Green or Black

  • Find lost pins that you didn't know were lost! 

  • Ever drop your needle while stitching? What a hassle! Now...just use your "mag-it"wand!

Not available at this time. Please mention your interest so we'll re-order in the future.

1.5"  Wrought Iron Nails ~ Hand Forged   

.35 cents each or 4/$1.00


LARGE 6.5" Lighted Tweezers

  • Serrated bent tips

  • Handy for beading, sewing, scrapbooking & more!

  • Stainless Steel with side comfort grips

  • Bright! LED bulb. Push button light switch.

  • Extra batteries included!

$9.95 each


Quilter's 120" Tape Measure in a Tin

  • Tired of playing leap-frog with a standard tape measure or yard stick?

  • Now you can measure your entire quilt project with just one 120 inch/300 cm vinyl tape measure!

  • Large Bold Numbers on 3/4" wide vinyl tape with metal ends.

  • When you're done....roll it up and store it in the handy 1.75"diameter tin. Tape measure design on the cover.

  • Thoughtful gift!

$4.95 each  ...only a few left!

60" Tape Measure in a Tin

Colors currently available: Pink, Purple, or Green

  • 5/8" wide vinyl tape with metal ends.

  • When you're done...roll it up and store it in the 1.5" diameter tin. Tape measure design on the cover.

  • Thoughtful gift!

  • Great giveaway item for groups or guilds etc.

(Out of Stock at this time.)


Wooden Needle Case...perfect for Crafting!

  • Fine Grained Hardwood

  • Nicely turned details

  • Secure fitted cap

  • The 3.5" case will store needles up to 3" long

  • Use as is...or have fun decorating with paint, beads, etc.!

Available in your choice of sizes:

Large: 3.5" x 1/2" just 2.95 each (Shown above.)

Small: 2.5" x 1/2" just $2.50 each (Shown below.)



"BUTTONS" Ribbon

  • 5/8" wide

  • Perfect for crafting & scrapbooking!

  • Polyester

  • Embossed design

$1.50 per yard



  • Leaves are almost 1" x 1/2" wide

  • Embossed design

  • Tie on to your Christmas gifts...around the Holiday cookie packages or tuck into a card!

  • Perfect for crafting & scrapbooking!

  • Polyester

$1.50 per yard



  • Little Witches are 3/4" wide

  • Embossed design

  • Perfect for crafting & scrap booking!

  • Polyester

$1.50 per yard

  "MEASURING" Twill Tape

  • Measurement increments are decorative, not accurate.

  • Numbers repeat from 1-12

  • About 5/8" wide

$6.95 for 10 yards

(Need less? We may have smaller pieces in 1 yd. increments @ $.75 cents per yard. Please inquire.)

Primitive Clothespins ~ Doll Pins

  • 3.75" tall

  • Natural Wood

.35 cents each


1" Miniature Clothes Pins

Your Choice of:

Natural: .10 cents each
Primitive Stained: .15 cents each


Smallest Wooden Spools

Idea: Wind colored thread on these & create jewelry!

 3/8" x 5/16"

.15 cents each


'Spun-Spool tm

1/4" yd. of Homepsun on a 3.5" Hardwood Spool

A Silent Stitches Original Design

You will receive: 1 walnut-stained wooden spool with 3 homespun strips of 3"w x 44"l *Homespun fabric. Total 132 inches.

~Neatly tied with jute and mother-of-pearl buttons~

Suggested Use: Display as shown or use one or  more of the homespun strips to tie packages, gifts, etc., for a primitive touch!

(*Shown with Brown Homespun. Other color choices may be available. Please inquire.)

$8.95 each

(3.5"Walnut Spools are also available without Homespun: $5.95 each)


Primitive Cotton String on a Spool

Primitive tan color! Great for tags etc.!

.20 cents per yard/Minimum 5 yards

~ or ~

5 yards on a Wooden Spool $1.95

10 yards on a Wooden Spool $2.95

(Spool Shown Below)

 Unfinished Wooden Spool

  • 2.75 tall x 1.25 wide

  • Natural Wood

$1.00 each

1/2 "  Primitive Unfinished Wooden Buttons 

  • Stain, paint or leave them natural!

  • Quality craftsmanship!

  • The photo on the bottom right shows the back side of the button.

  • Not washable

.20 cents each

Dark Finished Wooden Buttons

  • Quality craftsmanship!

  • just over 1/2" (Photo enlarged to show detail.)

  • Stained dark walnut

  • Turned recessed top side, with smooth back side

  • Not washable

.25 cents each

Buy 12 or more... pay just .20 cents each.

More buttons on the BUTTONS PAGE...including antique buttons!

Crocheted Cotton Lace

  • Color: Natural

  • 5/8" wide

$1.50 per yard

1" WIDE  Ric Rac

100% Nylon/Velveteen    Hand Washable/Colorfast

Color: Cranberry

.75 Cents per yard

"Vintage" Style Seam Binding

  •  1/2" wide, woven edge rayon

  • Made in the U.S.A.

Available Colors: Black, Navy, Natural or Wine

.35 Cents per yard

(These colors may also be available: Emerald Green, Mauve, Slate Blue or Walnut Brown.)



Perfect for all your your Prim Creations!

SIZE:  3/4"  ...just right for thread rings!

Your choice of: BLACK, WALNUT or NATURAL

50 Cents Each


$4.95 package of a *12 

(*Yes, you may mix or match colors.)

(Non-endangered bovine bone.)


1/2" No-Bone Rings*

< Realistic bone-like rings! Use as floss/thread rings, knitting rings, jewelry, primitive crafts & more!

Color: Bone-tone 

15 cents each

(Buy 30 or more just 12 cents each!)


Can you tell the difference?

NO-Bone Ring on the left and Antique Bone Ring on the right.

(Genuine Bone Rings may be found on the Buttons Page *Description copyright Silent Stitches.)


Vintage Hook & Eyes

Buy the card or by the "Hook & Eye"

...just need a few? .30 cents each Hook & Eye pair.


$6.95 per Full Vintage Card

Make a primitive sewing clamp "Make-do" Pin Cushion!

Fun Craft Project! Great Craft Fair Item!

  SEWING CLAMP  Very Primitive!!

Design your own pin cushion and attach it to the top!

Overall Size: 5.5"  Disc Diameter: 2"   Weight 4 oz.

$12.95 each


Reproduction Watch Case


(1 3/8" Double glass front.)

Back Design:

Create your own miniature shadow box! Fill with buttons, embroider a design to fit...endless possibilities!

(Not available at this time.)

2" Gold-Tone Antique Style Purse Frame

  • Ball Clasp Closure

  • Also included: Length of gold-tone chain & 2 jump rings

  • This is the frame that was featured on the cover of Sampler & Antique Needlework Winter 2012 issue!

  • Note: We would be happy to attach the chain to the frame for you if you wish. Please mention when ordering.



  • Pronounced: "Pie-ettes"

  • 1/8"

  • Your choice of Gold or Silver

  • Approximated 35 per package


3" Mini Embroidery Hoop

  • Great for crafting and all sorts of fun projects!

  • Fully functional...just little!

  • Made in Taiwan

$1.95 each


Tiny Stamped Victorian Style Scissors Charm

  • 3/4" x 1/4" wide

  • Click on the photo to enlarge for viewing.

  • Use in all sorts of crafting projects, jewelry making, scrap booking, etc.

  • Sturdy, these do not bend

  • Hollow back

  • Please mention your choice of Silver-plated or Gold-plated.

.25 cents each

Quantity Discount: Any 6 scissors charms for $1.00

On Order

Stamped Thimble Charm

  • 3/4" x 1/2" wide

  • Use in all sorts of crafting projects, jewelry making, scrap booking, etc.

  • Sturdy, these do not bend

  • Hollow back

  • Please mention your choice of Silver-plated or Gold-plated.

.25 cents each

Quantity Discount: Any 6 scissors charms for $1.00

On Order


Antiqued Silver-Metal or Antiqued Gold-Metal

  • 2.5" x 1" wide (Photo is close to actual size.)

  • Stationary Blades

  • Slightly bendable

  • Fancy scroll design on the front. Back side is smooth.

  • Fun to use in all sorts of crafts & jewelry making. Add a jewel in the center.

  • Use as an accent on gifts or gift tags!

  • Ornaments on a mini tree?

.50 cents each

Quantity Discount: Any 24/$6.95

More Metal Charms!!

"Heart in Hand" Friendship Charm

7/8" x 1/4"  Silver-tone

.25 cents each

(Enlarged to show detail.)

"Sewing Machine" Charm

1/2" high  

(Enlarged to show detail.)

Your choice: Antiqued Bronze or  Silver-tone

*Please mention your color choice when ordering.

.25 cents each


Note: We also have SINGER Sewing Machine Charms. Not shown.


Little Lady Chatelaine Charm

Sweetest charm with 3 tiny moveable keys. Overall just about 1"

.50 cents each

Sweet Sheep Charm

 Silver-tone 5/8" x 5/8"

.25 cents each

Even more metal charms!!

Large 1.5" Wide Eye Needle Charm

  • Regular needle shown in photo for size comparison

  • *Available in Silver-tone or Bronze-tone

  • Fun for jewelry crafts or tie on a package!

.25 cents each

*Please mention your color choice when ordering.


Floss Card Charm

  • just under 1/2"

  • photo shows front & back sides

  • *Available in Silver-tone or Bronze-tone

.25 cents each

*Please mention your color choice when ordering.


Mini Ruler Charm

  • just under 7/8"

  • photo shows front & back sides

  • Design on one side.

  • Available only  in Silver-tone

.25 cents each

Stork Scissors Charm

  • *Choice: Silver-tone or Bronze-tone

  • Design on both sides

.25 cents each

*Please mention your color choice when ordering.

"Made with Love" Charm

  • Sweet sentiment!

  • 3/8" hearts

  • Design on both sides

  • Choice: Silver-tone or Bronze-tone

.25 cents each

*Please mention your color choice when ordering.




Tiny Safety Pin Charm

3/4" x 1/4"

(Does not open)

.15 cents each

Acorn Charm

  • 1/4" acorn

  • Design on both sides.

  • Available only in Silver-tone

.25 cents each

Crochet Queen

Make a statement...Who's the queen of crochet? You are!

1" tall x 1/2" wide

(Photo shows front & back.)

.25 cents each



Tiny Classic "Tomato" Style Pincushion Charm cute! It even has a strawberry & pins!

$1.95 each (May be sold out, please inquire.)


Eiffel Tower Charms

  • Your choice of Silver-tone or Bronze-tone

.25 cents each

Vintage Brass "Fish" Charm with Rhinestone

$1.50 each

3/4" Mermaid Charms

  • photo shows front & back sides

.25 cents each


Tiny Bow charms

Currently only available in Bronze (Not shown)

.25 cents each


Tiniest Brass Jingle Bells

  • just 1/4"

  • Perfect for all of your Holiday ornaments & crafts!

.15 cents each

Primitive Bronze Jingle Bells

Your choice of:

Size: 6mm   .10 cents each

Size: 8mm  .15 cents each


1/2" Gold-tone Jingle Bells

.16 cents each

1/2" Silver-tone  Jingle Bells

.16 cents each



Metallic SILVER ~or~ Metallic GOLDEN

  • These are not as soft as our other adornments

  • Great as accents on package or scissors

  • Adds a festive touch!

$1.00 each

(Dozens of other adornment colors can be found on the scissors page!)

Christmas Holiday Crafting!

3/8" Rusty Style Clapper Bells (Decorative/NO sound)   10 cents each

6mm Rusty Style  "Jingle Bells"   6 cents each

3/4" Rusty Style Snowflakes  25 cents each

Imported Silver Glass Glitter: 2 oz  $4.95


Make someone's day special by sending them a beautiful card. So much better than an email!

Hands Across the Sea Samplers NOTE CARDS


Miss Mary Ann Bournes 1791

$1.95 each

Ann Forfitt 1812

$1.95 each

Hannah Coates 1848

$1.95 each

  Gorgeous cards! Antique Sampler on the front and a cross-stitch design chart on the back side.

5.75" x 8.25" Blank Note Card/Greeting Card with Envelope

$1.95 each card


SAMPLER NOTE CARDS from Birds of a Feather

8 Note Cards with Envelopes (1 of each design, as shown.)

$9.95 Boxed Set


Stitcher's Soap

Silent Stitches Stitcher's Soap  ~  4 oz. Bar ~

Handcrafted moisturizing soap made from the finest ingredients. Made especially for our stitcher's to keep hands soft.

Pure saponified shea butter, coconut oil and palm oil, essential oils, herbs & color.

2 delicious scents to choose from:

  • Harvest Apple~Scent of a crisp juicy McIntosh Apple!  (Shown above)

  • Pumpkin Spice~Scent of a freshly baked Pumpkin Pie with Fall Spices!

  • Packaged in a cello-bag tied with raffia ready for gift giving!

(Soap products are not available at this time.)


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