New Buttons

3/4" Antiqued Brass Leaves Scroll Button

As soon as we saw these, we knew you'd like them as much as we do!

  • We love the vintage look of these buttons!

.50 cents each

1/2 "  Primitive Wooden Buttons 

  • Stain, paint or leave them natural!

  • The photo on the bottom right shows the back side of the button.

  • Recessed rolled top, smooth back-side.

.20 cents each

Dark Finished Wooden Buttons

  • Quality craftsmanship!

  • just over 1/2" (Photo enlarged to show detail.)

  • Stained dark walnut

  • Rolled recessed top, with a smooth back-side

  • Not washable

.25 cents each

Buy 12 or more... pay just .20 cents each.

1/2" Floral Shell Buttons

  • White Flower with pale yellow & green shading

  • White back side

  • So beautiful...wait 'til you see these!

.15 cents each

Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

Square Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

  • Color: Natural Shell

  • 10mm ...just under 1/2"

  15 cents each

Heart Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

  • Color: Natural Shell

  • 15mm...just over 1/2"

  (Sold out)

Round Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

  • Color: Natural Shell

  • 11mm...just about 1/2"

  15 cents each

MOP Star Buttons may also available. 15 cents each.

Butterfly  Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

  • Color: Natural

  • 10mm...just under 1/2"

  15 cents each

Butterfly  Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

  • Color: Aqua

  • 10mm...just under 1/2"

  15 cents each

Butterfly  Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

  • Color: Mauve

  • 10mm...just under 1/2"

  15 cents each

Pink Flower  Mother-of-Pearl Buttons

  • Color: Pink

  • 15mm...just over 1/2"

  20 cents each




SAJOU BOUTONS BOX from Paris,France

  • Exclusive Sajou Boutons/Buttons Box


  • Solid Hardwood Construction

  • Silk Screened Design & Text on the lid: (Shown on Right.Click to enlarge.)

  • Interior lid decorated with a floral paper label: (Shown on Left.Click to enlarge.)

  • Brass Hinges and Front Latch Closure

  • The perfect place to store or display your buttons ...or Boutons!

  • Measurements: 5.75" x 3.25" and just under 2" high




12 Teeny Tiny ~Vintage MOP Buttons~ in a Bottle

Contains: 12 Tiny 1/4" Vintage MOP Self-shank Buttons 

Photo shows buttons on a doll's dress.

$4.95  While supply lasts...

*Total Length of Bottle: 1.5"


Rare Antique French Buttons ~Circa 1850~ On Original Card

  • *Available in 2 sizes FB 40 (5/8") or FB 50 (3/4")

  • Color: White

  • 72 buttons per card

  • Back of Card stamped "FRANCE" & Script "F.B." initials of F. Bapterosses/Briare France

$49.95 per card

(*Limited quantity. Currently available: 2 cards  (1/FB40  1/FB50)

Antique Calico Buttons

^Back side of buttons

Here is a photo of the buttons as we found them!

  • Dark Body, Antique Calico Buttons

  • Your choice of colors: Black or Blue

  • Size: About 5/8"(24L)

  • 2 holes

  • Age: Circa 1850

  • Manufacturer: *F.Bapterosses / Briare France

  • *History information sheet available. Please request when ordering.

$6.95 each ~or~ 6/$35.95

Very limited quantity available!

                                    Vintage Shoe Buttons

(Click on the photos to enlarge.)

White Mocha Black (Sold out) Blue Beige

 Great for all sorts of craft projects! Adds a special vintage look!.

  •  Size:3/8"         

Your choice of colors: $1.00 each

Antique Bone Rings


Antique Bone rings are out of stock at this time. (PLEASE CLICK HERE for other types of bone rings.)

See our special "No Bone"tm rings and New Bone rings on the Goodes/Crafts Page. A less expensive alternative, with the same antique bone look!


Vintage Hook & Eyes

Buy the card or by the "Hook & Eye Set"

...just need a few? .30 cents each Hook & Eye


$6.95 per Full Vintage Card

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