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The very first time I saw an antique sampler, I felt a connection with the young girl who stitched the sampler.  I watched her in my minds-eye as she carefully placed each of the stitches on her homespun linen.

It was then that I realized the sampler was speaking to me.  It had so many stories to tell without saying a word. The "Silent Stitches" tm were colorful threads woven through the linen and remaining there over over time. Silent stitches waiting to be heard.

Samplers are so much more than needlework. Each is a legacy of the stitcher which lives on to tell a story and remind us of a life & time over a century ago.


Silent Stitches tm  .... with so much to say to those who are listening.


"Thank you for allowing me to share my love of needlework with you."

I am forever grateful.





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