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Antique Chatelaine


CHATELAINE Waste Plaque with 5 chains

Plaque Measurements: 3" x 3"

Total Length: 10" (from top of plaque to bottom of middle chain)

Condition: Great

Maker: Unknown

Material: Traces of silver plating over brass?

Age: Circa 1897

Exquisite pressed metal designs of  fancy interlocking cornucopias & grape leaves. 5 pierced chains with swivel clasps.


Antique Needlework Tools

(Please click on the photos above to enlarge for viewing.)

Mitrailleuse Needle Case   Circa 1890

Measurements: 2 1/2"

Condition: Excellent

Maker: Unknown  Hallmarked: "Sterling"

Materials: Sterling Silver

Gorgeous antique needle case made of sterling silver, circa 1890. This unique style of needle holder was named after the 1860's machine gun "mitrailleuse". Webster's Dictionary defines mitrailleuse as: A breech-loading machine gun firing small projectiles rapidly from the number of barrels. In describing this needle case, the term refers to the 5 chambers inside which separate the needle sizes. Turn the top dial, line the arrow up with the number and select the size you desire. The needle is then dispensed from the hole at the top. Lovely hand etched floral design. Monogram: MHT. Excellent condition. No damage. Dark areas are reflections from the camera.

See page 67 of Gay Ann Rogers'  Needlework Tools book for a similar Needle case.

Price: $395.00

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Sewing Antiques


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Bone & Brass Needle Case & Tambour Hook

Maker: Unknown

Materials: Brass & Non-endangered species cow bone

Age: Early 19th Century

Measurements & Condition:

a.) The needle case is in excellent condition. It unscrews for needle storage. It measures just under 3 1/4" x 5/16".

b.) The tambour hook has a fine old hairline crack, (see photo top) which seems to have no effect on the structure. It contains one hook, that extends and retracts perfectly inside a brass collar. It measures 3 1/4" x 5/16"

(Note: Shipping in the U.S.A. only.)

(SOLD! Thank you CK)





Ivory Thread/Cotton Barrel

Maker: England /Artisan crafted

Material: Antique Ivory

Age: Circa 1750-1840

Measurements: 2"h x 11/4" w

Condition: Excellent!

(An identical cotton barrel is shown in plate #88/page 85 of  Antique Needlework Tools & Embroideries by Nerylla Taunton)

Price: $195.00

Note: This item shipping in the U.S.A. only.


Sterling Silver Needle Case

Age: Circa 1878-1898

Maker: Foster & Bailey

One of the largest manufacturers of jewelry & sterling goods in Providence, Rhode Island.

Measurements: 2" tall x 3/8" wide

Condition: Very Good

Price: $125.00



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Court Plaster Case

What is a court plaster? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a court plaster as: an adhesive plaster especially of silk coated with isinglass and glycerin. Etymology: from its use for beauty spots by ladies at royal courts.

A court plaster can be compared to today's band-aid. If a lady pricked her finger while sewing, she would put a court plaster on her finger and then carry on with her needlework.

This sterling silver court plaster case has an open top for easy access to the court plasters it once held. The front has an embossed floral & chased design. It was made by the Madalian Mfg. Co. of North Attleboro, MA circa 1900's.

The name "Nettie" is hand engraved on the bottom front. Nettie most likely hung this case from her chatelaine.

Condition: Normal wear. No damage.

Measurements: 2 3/4" x 3/4"

Hallmarked: Madalian Mfg. Sterling, 393 (See photo  on the left.)

Price: $125.00


Sterling Silver Handled Darner    Repousse Heart Design

Age: circa 1900

Maker: Unknown. Marked: Sterling

Condition: Usual wear to darner. Dented handle. (click on photo)

  Measurements: 5" x 1 3/4" wide

Price: $45.00


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